Designer & Developer

    Hello, I am Alin, designer and developer. I like to spend my days with developing website and mobile apps.

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  • Responsive Web Design

    Designing website for multiple devices.

    I develop website for multiple devices, such as desktop, laptop, tab and mobile phone.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Designing and developing mobile apps.

    I develop apps for mobile. I try to develop mobile apps for Bangladeshi people. Now I am working with android development.

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My Bangla blog. It's real name 'Alinervubon'. I like to write in here and try to share my idea, tutorial, my works related post etc. If your device supports 'Unicode' Bangla font and you are interested about my blog, please visit this.

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I like to work with graphics and designing, web and android developing and 2D animation. I try to share my works. But this site is not available now so I share some of my works from 'Flickr.com'. If you are interested, please visit this.

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My Writings

I'm not a professional writer and I can't write very well. But writing is my hobby, so I write. In here, I share some of my writings. If you are interested, please visit this.

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I store and share my photos in this gallery. So I can access them from everywhere. In here, I store my photos of my family, my friends and my works of ‘Graphics & Designing’. If you are interested, please click the button of the bellow.

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